Meet us under the old maple in the greenest pasture and enjoy the most delicious pieces of summer.  Grilled zucchini and yellow squash, smoked spot prawm, caught in the seas of Maine, fresh peaches and blueberries, and micro greens from our neighbors.  This dinner will bring fruits and vegetables from our farm while incorporating fish caught by a local fisherman in the seas of the North East.  


Menu subject to change. Menu will be altered based on availablity of produce from our farm.



About Chef Spencer Bressette:


Since he was a kid, Chef Spencer was cooking and learning how to make fresh bread and spaghetti sauce from his grandma. After having worked for 10 years professionally in a range of different restaurants around the city of Buffalo and surrounding areas, he’s turned to his own business: The Fire On The Mountain Co. as Head Chef. With such a wide range of experience, Spencer enjoys exploring the roots of where food comes from— not only different cultures but also the history of food. Everything from nouvelle cuisine and rustic Italian food to West African BBQ and cooking on rocks over fires. On a dish from Chef Spencer, you can find anything from elegant to hearty. He believes that the ability to learn, change, grow, and push the boundaries of food is what defines who we are as great chefs. When we stop believing we need to really do those things is the day we stop being great chefs. As William Shakespeare wrote "The fire that's kept closest, burns most of all." Well in our hearts is the fire that should burn the hottest and brightest.

Spencer is also an avid gardener and outdoorsman with the belief that the best food in life can be found right outside our own door. He loves to cook over a wood fire — ‘primitive style’. The magic of harnessing the power of fire to make a delicious meal is what fuels his passion. Along side is his beautiful wife, Katie Bressette, who is their in-house photographer, designer, decorator and event coordinator/manager. She is a Buffalo State Graduate, majoring in arts and photography. Chef Spencer says: “She can do everything I cannot do. She is the ying to my yang.”


Dinner Al Fresco-July 29