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6335 Route 20A East

Warsaw, NY 14569


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Megan and Ryan Burley, the owners of Burley Berries, are not new to the world of farming.  Both growing up on two very different kinds of farms.  Ryan, on a grazing seasonal dairy in Western NY, and Megan, on a 250 acre produce farm in Western Pennsylvania.


The Couple met on while Megan was finishing up her sophomore year at Penn State.   On a summer day in Reading PA Megan and Ryan sat on the porch of the Pagoda (a tourist spot in Reading) discussing dreams and realized being a farmer was a passion for both.  After two years of dating long distance we finally married and moved to the farm (Ryan bought at the age of 17 as an investment for his future).  As soon as Megan moved to NY she began plans for a small fruit farm.  A 1/2 acre of strawberries was planted and not long our first child was born.  11 months later we had a 2nd and the farm continued to grow.  At the beginning of 2020 during breakfast we remembered one of our favorite places to visit when we were dating (Meyer Dairy, a glass bottled milk factory in State College, PA).  We would sit and eat ice cream and watch people buy milk.  Knowing Ryan was taking on ownership of his families dairy we wanted to create a new product, a complimentary product for our fruit.  In 2022 we are working on plans to bring our creamline milk processing plant into existence. Much  of the acreage on the farm is still devoted to raising calves and heifers for the dairy but each year we continue to expand our fruit and flower farm.  At this time you can buy our fruit and flower at our farm stand or the Geneseo Farmers Market, or join one of our CSAs to experience all the fruits and flowers of the summer season

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