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Wedding Flowers

We take pride in growing unique, beautiful flowers and then creating exquisite designs with those blooms.

JMS Studio and Gallery

We take pride in growing unique, beautiful flowers and then creating exquisite designs with those blooms. Our intimate relationship with flowers allows us to create color palettes with depth and dimension, blending tones inspired by nature and each season. Because we have lush flower fields at our fingertips, we are able to hand pick the most perfect bloom for the bride’s bouquet, adding the extra special element to truly set the design apart. Each wedding design is one of a kind, handcrafted especially for you. Everything about your experience with our flowers and designs is incredibly personal and utterly natural.

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Picture Credit: JMS Studio and Gallery LTD 

DIY Wedding and Events

Based on the time of year different colors and flowers are available.  Please give us a call for bulk flower pricing.

Feeling a little adventurous for your bachlorette party?  Bring your bridesmaids for a relaxing evening picking flowers for your wedding.

**if choosing to DIY flowers for your wedding we recommend picking 2-3 before the event to ensure freshness.  Also realize that Floral Design is a lot of work and VERY time consuming.**

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Quote Form
 Wedding Flowers Quote

Complete this form and we will send you a quote for your upcoming wedding

This is not a contract.  This form is used to get the wedding ideas flowing.  We will be in touch with more details after completing the form.

Bridal Bouquet Thoughts and Ideas?

how your are envisioning your bridal bouquet. Descriptors about style and certain flowers you really love are helpful! Not sure or are still looking for inspiration? That is fine also!

Pinterest Name/Folder Name

Gives us an idea of what you are looking for! (if you don't have Pinterest, feel free to e-mail us some of your inspirational photos)

Types of arrangements needed?

Bridesmaids bouquets, Boutonnieres, Jr Bridesmaids, corsage, table arrangement, ceremony flowers, hair flowers, cake flowers, aisle flowers,  any additional flower arrangements needed.

What is your overall feel and vision for your wedding?

Is your wedding going to be rustic? More modern? Classic? Gardenesque?  Country? Give us your thoughts!

Floral Decor Budget

Thinking about your floral budget is really important. We have a range of different options at different price points and in order for me to guide you best, a budget and/or budget range essential.

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